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Hosting files on the cloud via GitHub Issues

Ever wanted to host pictures or other files on GitHub without storing them in a repository? Here's a simple hack which allows us to host our files directly on GitHub's cloud.

To use this simple approach, we first have to open an issue on any GitHub repository of our choice. Once the issue is open, we simply have to drag a file of our choosing to the comment box, just like in the picture below.

The file will now be uploaded. While that happens, we get feedback that it is in fact being uploaded via the following message:

Then, once the file has finished uploading to GitHub's cloud, the comment box will have updated with either an HTML img tag containing the link to an uploaded picture, or a Markdown link to the uploaded file (for files other than images). This is how it looks:

And that's all. We can now link to our uploaded file from anywhere we want.

Thanks for reading!