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On OCaml and the JS platform

ReScript, née BuckleScript, is a state-of-the-art compiler that used to target OCaml (and Reason), but is fast moving away from its parent language. OCaml compatibility is high on my list of desirable features, and I've been disillusioned with the direction the project has veered into. So I took matters into my own hands. Read on!


Reason and the Language Server Protocol: The Landscape

The state of editor tooling for programming languages has seen great change in recent memory thanks to Microsoft's specification of a Language Server Protocol (LSP).

While some editors bundle LSP out of the box, making it a breeze to get up and running, others take a little more tweaking. In a series of posts, I will detail the state of LSP editor tooling in Reason / OCaml, as well as how to get set up quickly in a variety of editors.


The State of ClojureScript Compilation in Lumo

Lumo has shipped with experimental support for compiling ClojureScript projects entirely without the JVM since the beginning of 2017. Starting with the newly released version, the Lumo build API has been greatly enhanced and much more stable! Read on for a rundown of the state of ClojureScript compilation in Lumo.


Shipping a (very simplistic) ReasonReact app

I used Reason and React to build a simple example app: ReKeys. Here's what I learned.


On Lumo's Growth and Sustainability

This post reflects on Lumo's growth almost 6 months after its announcement, shares the project's goals and communicates what you can do to help Lumo grow into and even more full-featured ClojureScript environment. Read on!