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Solving Closure Library's Html5history double event dispatch

Most Clojurescript apps that rely on browser routing are wired in some manner to either the Google Closure Library's HTML5 History module or - in an increasingly lower number of cases - the History module. While both pushState- and fragment-based routing are supported, the module always dispatches two navigation events when opting for the latter, which can become a source of unexpected behavior. Here's how to fix it.

Understanding the problem

Opting for the hash based routing approach with Google Closure's Html5history module can be done with the following (simplistic) Clojurescript code:

;; instantiate an Html5History object
(let [history (goog.history.Html5History.)]
  ;; listen for navigation events
  ( history
                      #(.log js/console "Navigate event fired"))
  ;; opt for fragment routing and start using the module
  ;; also returns the instance for practical purposes
  ;; (e.g. for use in a function)
  (doto history
    (.setUseFragment true)
    (.setEnabled true)))

Inspecting the (used above) setUseFragment function internals reveals the following:

if (useFragment) {,,
      this.onHistoryEvent_, false, this);
} else {,,
          this.onHistoryEvent_, false, this);

However, looking at the object instantiation we see that the module also listens for the event. On browsers that don't support the pushState API this represents absolutely no problem, since one should use goog.History instead of goog.History.Html5History anyway. But on browsers in which pushState is supported, we end up receiving two NAVIGATE events. This can easily become the root of unexpected behavior.

Applying a solution

Since our focus is on using fragment routing, we don't really need to be listening to the popstate browser event. On the other hand, we want to preserve popstate behavior in case we switch to the pushState API routing. To tackle this, I use the following approach:

;; only remove popstate event listener when using
;; fragment based routing
(if (.-useFragment_ history)
    (events/unlisten (.-window_ history)
                     (.-onHistoryEvent_ history)

It allows to unsubscribe from popstate events while still preserving that behavior when not using fragments.

If you've got any feedback, don't hesitate to contact me or post in the comments below. Happy coding!